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Portable Inflatable Boats, Built Like No Other In Its Class

Designed and developed in New Zealand by Greg Sowden since 2007, these boats have been proven to be unique in its class.

Whether its fishing, diving, a tender for your yacht, flood relief, motorhome use or just to have some fun in, look no further.  Our high performance, cost effective portable inflatable catamarans are capable of doing the job for you.

All the Takacat Series Boats are are lightweight, versatile, extremely durable, portable and ultra compact making these boats easily transportable wherever you go.

To explore all Takacat boat series and discover their features, specs and technology, please choose one of the collections below or contact us and we can help you choose your best option for your needs.

Takacat inflatable boat
Takacat 300LX

Since 2007, Takacat has been developing an exciting range of catamaran inflatable boats offering outstanding safety, stability and speed with ease of uses being a key attribute.

Takacat is focused on providing quality and outstanding customer support to guide you through your purchase.

Designed for people who spend their lives on and around the water, either sailing, fishing, diving, or exploring. These activities have led to the constant development and modern range of inflatables available today – high performance, durable and affordable.

View the Takacat range

Lite “LX” Series

Takacat LX Series

Open Bow & Open Transom

Sport “S” Series

S Series wave

Closed Bow & Open Transom

Ultra Light “L” Series

Takacat L Series

Open Bow & Closed Transom

GO “G” Series

Takacat GO Series

Closed Bow & Fixed Transom

Power your Takacat with an ePropulsion Electric Outboard

ePropulsion outboards are a perfect choice for the Takacat inflatable boat range.

These electric outboards are lightweight, powerful, quiet motors. They are emission-free, maintenance-free and perfectly safe for use in the marine environment.

The recommended model is the ePropulsion Spirit 1.0 Plus or Spirit 1.0 Evo, both are available through Asia Yacht Brokers.

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